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Decoding the Berzerk AI

The artificial intelligence of the robots is really the heart and soul of Berzerk.  Without it, you're just walking around shooting at things, and a great many of the arcade games released in the late '70s and early '80s let you do that.  In what follows, I'm going to take an inductive approach to dissecting the AI.  If anyone knows of a full disassembly of the arcade source code and can confirm or deny what I detail below, please let me know.
Firing One thing that seems clear from my experiments with Berzerk is that the AI does not have a sophisticated firing algorithm.  Any time the middle of your body lines up with one of the robots' eight firing lines, they will fire at you.  This is true no matter how far away they are or what's in front of them.

The frequency and speed of the robots' shots increase with level, and at the lower levels they fire infrequently enough that you can sometimes cross their firing line without getting shot at.  Note that it'…

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